Poet’s Corner: Beach Road


Beach Road. From

Five Corners to Eastville.

Stretch of road

written of our own quill.

Sunny day,

wonder of that ahead.

Love and death?

It is the demons we dread.

Lines of cars

snake along this short route.

In the air —

Sounds of my sister’s flute.

Fair winds blow.

People are on the move.

Wood planked boats.

The road has some good groove.

The waters

off the sand and rock shores.

Deep green sea

Wild to the very core.

On the road,

over the iron knoll.

Much to see!

The Boat steams for Woods Hole.

Great salt pond.

Imagine years ago.

How life was.

Was it what we now know?

A village

in the side of the hill.

A dusk light.

A sail marks the wind’s will.

Packer’s tanks

and the sheaf of papers.

The Shipyard.

Dormant, the day tapers.

Beach Road. You

are full of so much life.

Tugs, yachts, shops,

and hope that calms the strife.

Jonathan Burke works for the Oak Bluffs library, and has lived on the Island since 2001.