30 Under 30 shine at Featherstone

"Yuma Fauxasis #2," archival inkjet print by Ray Ewing. — Photo courtesy of Featherstone

For the first time, Featherstone Center of the Arts has created an exhibit solely of artists under 30 years old. Curated by Emmeline Brown of Featherstone, the 30 Under 30 Show displays the work of local artists from high school through young adulthood. Artists’ mediums range from glass, metal, and painting to paper arts, sculpture, and jewelry.

The exhibit kicked off with a packed opening reception on Sunday afternoon, alongside a reception for the gallery’s other exhibit in the Pebble Gallery, which features the work of even younger artists: the students of Brendan Coogan’s Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School ceramic and sculpture classes.

The 30 Under 30 show includes work from the following artists: Cameron Alexander, Olivia Becchio, Emmeline Brown, Ashley Chase, Ray Ewing, Charlotte Hall, Maria Hurwitz, Sabrina Kuchta, Tova Katzman, James Lawson, Julia MacNelly, Ella Mahoney, Courtney Minnehan, Hannah Moore, Danielle Mulcahy, Marshall Pratt, Tara Reynolds, Elysha Roberts, Walker T. Roman, Ben Scott, Lainey Fink-Scott, Wil Eldridge Sideman, Taylor Stone, Randi Sylvia, Sara Thompson, Astrid Tilton, Owen Willis, and Jack Yuen.

Get to know a few of the artists:

Olivia Becchio

Born and raised on the Island, now attending Lesley University College of Art and Design in Cambridge, where she studies photography and creative writing.

Artist statement: I explore the universal relationship of mother and daughter, as Mother and I grow farther apart in distance but closer together in mind, body, and spirit.

Hannah Moore

Has lived on the Island since her family moved here when she was 6. She recently finished her second year studying painting at Syracuse University College of Visual and Performing Arts.

Artist statement: I am interested in exploring the subconscious and manipulation of the mind. I hope to create work that transports the viewer to a different world — a place lifelike, but unable to fit into all confines of logic that shape reality. I am intrigued by the power of the imagination and the dream state.



Ray Ewing

A photographer and artist from Martha’s Vineyard, living and working in New Mexico where he is pursuing an M.F.A. in Studio Arts from the University of New Mexico. Ray received his B.F.A. in photography from Maine College of Art in 2009, and has shown extensively in group and solo exhibitions.

Artist statement: Since I left my resort-town Island home of Martha’s Vineyard, my work has been about exploring my relationship with that place. Obsessing over my connection to Martha’s Vineyard has led to in-depth investigations of tourism, leisure, and simulated beauty. My current project, entitled “fauxasis” (faux-oasis), explores desire through self-portraiture, sculpture, and performance in real and simulated environments.

The search for strong devices to communicate my simultaneous desire and disdain for leisure environments has led me to the adoption of the desert oasis as a visual metaphor. An oasis, like an island, is a space of desire and seduction that operates by means of elemental contrast. The confluence of sand and water in such places triggers my desire for the beach. This is a physical reaction of pleasure as well as a sentimental childhood memory. Thus, the pure blue of ocean and sky as well as the peachy-yellow glow of sand in blazing sun have come to dominate my new images as a transposition of my desire for the beach onto my new desert surroundings in New Mexico. Interruptions in the representation of space, the appearance of scale, and adherence to traditional photographic description work to erode the ability of the images to document. This erosion improves their ability to be objects that are looked at, instead of through.

Taylor Stone

Grew up on the Island and attended Savannah College of Art and Design before returning home to continue her illustration career. You can catch the new cut paper artist and crafter at the Vineyard Artisan Festival each Sunday this summer.

Artist statement: As an illustrator it is important to tell stories in my art, leading me to create images filled with rich landscapes and careful detailing to set the scene. Many of my pieces have a focus on the landscape, with the characters there to explore and experience the world they’ve been put in. I enjoy blending tightly detailed sections with very loose simple shapes as I mark out each part. And as each piece is painted, cut, and finally glued in place, I get to see that original idea come to life.

Tova Katzman

Born on a houseboat in New York City and raised on Martha’s Vineyard. She is a recent graduate from Massachusetts College of Art and Design with a B.F.A. in photography, and has also studied at the University of Barcelona. For the past year she has been working in photo, video, and bookmaking, and has curated and participated in many shows around Boston.

Artist statement: My work, which is made in a variety of locations, can be viewed as an atlas of an unidentified place, focusing on gesture and interaction as a way of searching for meaning whenever we find ourselves. The projects I’ve worked on in the past, “Perdido/Encontrado,” “Searching for Ada,” “An Otherwise Fruitless Search,” and “M-A-R,” like the sea, all arise out of stories I’ve encountered and unraveled in attempt to formulate my own visual translation experience.

30 Under 30, Featherstone Center of the Arts, Oak Bluffs. Exhibit runs through June 17.