Smooth Moves proves a new healthy hideaway in Edgartown

Smooth Moves owner Zared Shai in front of his new juice café on Winter Street in Edgartown. — Photo by Marnely Murray

Now open for business is Smooth Moves on Winter Street in Edgartown, the latest spot for smoothies and fresh juices for the health-conscious consumer. The business marks a new venture for owners Zared Shai and his father Raphael Shai. Zared works as an assistant film editor and visual effects artist in Los Angeles (his latest work can be seen in “Me and Earl and the Dying Girl”) when he’s not slinging fresh fruit. At Smooth Moves he offers a collection of handcrafted smoothies, juices, and healthy snacks. On a recent hot summer day, we sat down with Zared and discussed all things juice.

“My mother moved to the Island 17 years ago, when she started Vineyard Jewelry [currently in Oak Bluffs]. My father had seen the potential for an Island business, and that’s how we came to Martha’s Vineyard,” says  Zared, when asked about his connection to the Island. His sister, Megan Shai Brown, owns the dress shop adjacent to Smooth Moves, so you know the entrepreneurial spirit runs in the family.

Like any family business there are challenges, and this joint father-son enterprise has already been a learning experience for both. “We push each other and bump heads a lot, but ultimately we get along great. I really want him to know how much I respect him and appreciate how much he teaches me,” says Zared about his father.

Smooth Moves will be open daily during the summer, from 8 am to 8 pm, which gives you all day to stop in and fuel yourself with a healthy beverage. “My main goal is to bring awareness to the Island, reminding them that juices and smoothies are a healthy way to get the nutrients you need. What goes into your body should be fresh, seasonal, and nutritious,” said Zared.

The time he has spent living in Los Angeles gave Zared the motivation he needed to start Smooth Moves: “I had started taking the gym seriously, and smoothies and juices were all I craved after a workout. Healthy, quick, easy, and filled with protein is what I needed, and they sparked something in me.” If you’ve ever lived in L.A., you know that a healthy lifestyle and eating fresh is a way of life for most residents. With that mindset and motivation, Zared was inspired. The business came to be when his sister called him last winter, informing him that the space next to hers (previously Not Your Sugar Mamas) was empty and available. Right away Zared jumped on the opportunity, and we’re so happy he did.

Along with his healthy and active lifestyle as an adult, Zared grew up in a house where homeopathic remedies replaced medicine, and the benefits of consuming fresh smoothies and juices are something he’s relied on for years. He desires to have both locals and tourists indulge in his creations, charging up with the good stuff instead of the usual sugary caffeinated drinks we often crave. His smoothies are delicious and nutritious, so it shouldn’t be a hard sell.

And the prices, you ask? Also tempting. His offerings include a variety of 16-ounce smoothies and juices for $6.50 and; the 24-ounce versions go for $8.50. His concoctions include the Local, Smooth Strawberry Banana, West Tisberry, Main Street Beet, Cucumber Delight, and more. Coming soon, he’ll be adding açai and smoothie bowls to the menu as well.

Smooth Moves, 32 Winter Street, Edgartown. For additional information, call 508-627-0558 or follow Smooth Moves on Facebook