Edgartown break-in leads to two arrests

Officers pursued Mr. Olson the length of Barnes Road southbound into Edgartown. –File photo by Ralph Stewart

Edgartown police arrested Richard Lupo, 31, and Benjamin Fogg, 32, both of Edgartown, after police said they broke into a small, unused house behind Stop and Shop at 247 Upper Main Street in Edgartown. Firemen were also called to the house to extinguish a small fire in the building, recently purchased by Stop and Shop, according to a police report.

When police arrived, they found that the only window not boarded up on the house was broken. Police found Mr. Fogg who had “multiple fresh cuts on his hands and forearms that were bleeding.”

Mr. Fogg told police that he was there because he was looking for Mr. Lupo, who was squatting in the house. Police arrested him for breaking and entering, as well as malicious destruction of property.

Mr. Fogg told police that he didn’t break into the house, but that Mr. Lupo had invited him to come inside. Mr. Fogg said that he and Mr. Lupo were in the house together for a short while until Mr. Lupo disappeared.

Police later found Mr. Lupo in downtown Edgartown and arrested him on same charges as Mr. Fogg. He told police he had been squatting in the house behind Stop and Shop, but that Mr. Fogg was the one who physically broke in. He said that the house wasn’t boarded up when he last left it.

Mr. Lupo was released from custody after his arraignment. Mr. Fogg is being held on a $2,500 bond for violating probation.