Bus breakdown jams Main Street, Vineyard Haven

A police officer detoured drivers complicating a situation that even on the best of days needs no further complications.

Camp counselors examine the broken bus. Photo courtesy filmmaker Thomas Allen Harris.

The familiar red Camp Jabberwocky bus broke down on Main Street, Vineyard Haven about 5:30 pm, Friday evening gumming up traffic at the intersection of State Road and Main Street. Not that it needed any help on a night when it seemed one-third of the Island was heading for Oak Bluffs and the fireworks, one-third was heading to the fair and the remaining drivers were just trying to escape the traffic.

A tow truck was called but delayed by traffic on Beach Road. Police instructed the driver to circle around the knot of cars by turning onto Water Street and cutting through the Stop & Shop parking lot. The tow truck drove up Camp Street the wrong way to reach the stricken bus and tow it away.