Martha’s Vineyard Land Bank land-use policy bans use of drones

A bird's-eye view provided by a drone of the Land Bank's newest Chappaquiddick property looking north across Pease Pond. Cape Poge Bay is to the right. — Photo by Skip Bettencourt

The Martha’s Vineyard Land Bank this week announced it had adopted a policy that bans the use of drones on its properties.

The Land Bank land-use management policy now contains the following prohibition under nuisances: “Sound- or vibration-generating nuisance uses such as unmanned aircraft (e.g., drones) or music-amplification devices, and/or other intensive uses are prohibited.”

The purpose of the policy is to prevent disturbance to either visitors or to wildlife, James Lengyel, executive director, said in a press release.

The Land Bank does allow the use of drones for photography purposes by permit.