Edgartown: Don't Forget to Get your MV Vanity Plate


I had the most amazing dream last night. I rarely remember my dreams, but last night I dreamed that it was a beautiful spring day, and I was so excited that winter was over and the weather had changed. Sadly, I woke up still in January, with a great deal of winter ahead of me. But I realized that the reason I had the dream was because the bright morning sunshine was beaming through my window onto my face. And as it turned out, today was like a beautiful spring day! The temperatures were warm, the snow continued to melt, and people were outside exercising and enjoying the day.

Martha’s Vineyard Community Services (MVCS) sold 850 Martha’s Vineyard Specialty license plates, and submitted all completed applications to the Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) last week, after nine months of working on the project. The RMV will process each application, and the plates will be produced and shipped out within six to eight months.

The deadline for these plates has been extended until Feb. 19, 2016, through mvlicenseplate.com. After this date, MVCS can no longer accept applications nor assign license plate numbers. Everything will be directly controlled by the RMV from that day forward. Once the application process has been taken over by the RMV, those interested in ordering a plate will have to wait until the plates are available through the RMV website and at designated Massachusetts RMV branches, which could be later this summer.

Those who have already registered and paid for a plate will receive notification via post mail from the RMV once their plate is available for pickup at their designated branch. This could be as early as March or as late as September 2016. The RMV states it can take up to eight months to produce the plates.

Happy birthday wishes go out to Lisa Gazzaniga on Feb. 3, Debra Grant on Feb. 5, and my cousin Jonathan Ryan, also on Feb. 5. I hope your days are joyous!

The Martha’s Vineyard Community Horse Center at Misty Meadows is offering pony rides for children this Saturday, Feb. 7, from 1:30 to 2:30. Following the pony rides is a demonstration on “Equine Structural Integration” by Phoenix Russell at 3 pm. Equine structural integration helps the connective tissue release and reorganize, returning your horse’s body to its natural equilibrium. This therapy is very similar to Rolfing in humans.

The winner of this year’s Edgartown School geography bee was fourth grader Tobi Russell-Schaeffer. It was a hard-fought battle between 11 students, and after half an hour, it came down to a final round between Tobi and Edward Cherry, a sixth grader and the eventual runner-up. Congratulations to both boys, and to the other nine students who took part in the bee.

Family and friends said a formal farewell to Hughie MacInnis today at Trinity Methodist Church in Oak Bluffs. It was a lovely service for a lovely man, filled with as much laughter as there were tears. Hugh was a humble man who enjoyed his life immensely. To hear the stories and remembrances shared at the service, it made me wish that I had known him better. One line in a letter stood out for me. It said something to the effect of “Hughie had his priorities straight, and never let his work eclipse his life at home.” Godspeed, Hughie. I hope they’ve got some big trucks and a heck of a doo-wop band where you’re going!

Junior high school basketball season has come to a close, and after a very rough year, our girls team made it to the finals. Our season rivaled the Patriots, for sure. We started the year with what seemed like an unstoppable team, but quickly lost one of our most seasoned players to a lengthy knee injury. The remaining players melded together well, though, and took up the challenge. Unfortunately, we then lost two more of our starting five to broken fingers. Down three key players, we still managed enough wins to face Oak Bluffs for a couple of end-of-season games, and then the championship game with two of our key players back on the squad, though not at 100 percent.

Unfortunately, another injury, this one a severely sprained ankle, took our lead scorer out of the game once again, nine minutes into the championship. Our novice and somewhat disheartened team did their best to keep up with Oak Bluffs, but couldn’t pull out a victory this year. The nice thing is that Chad Nelson, our head coach, made sure that each and every girl got to play in the championship game. They had worked hard all season, and he always feels that having them play in the championship is super-important. So congratulations to our girls: Devin Hill, Kylie Estrella, Emily Gazzaniga, Caitlin McHugh, Amelia Craig, Jovanna Lowell-Bettencourt, Kathryn Cuthbert, Catherine Cherry, Avery Simmons, Ruby Mercier, Desiree London, Deborah Silva, Emily Anderson, Amber Cuthbert, Katie Freeman, Ashley Brasefield, and Bethany Cardoza. I’m attempting to hang up my coaching shingle now, but we’ll see what next year brings. It’s been a pleasure to work with the teams and learn so much about the game.

Make it a good week. Keep your priorities in order, and don’t let work eclipse your life at home.