A Freshman Update


By Alexis Condon, Mackenzie Condon, and Cassie Casey

Every September, a new set of ninth graders take their first steps as students in the high school.

Programs run by the high school, elementary schools, and the community including Safe Transition Into Ninth Grade (STING), the Eighth Grade Mixer, and YMCA dances, are all efforts to make the jump as smooth as possible. This year’s freshman class is six months into their high school careers. Many gave insight on experiences thus far.

Hollis Kelly said, “You have a lot more options in high school. You get to choose your own path because you have more freedom. For me, getting up early was the hardest part to adjust to.”

Said Allyse Guyther, “Learning how to do work by myself, and sometimes teaching myself was the hardest part. If you’re going to be successful at the high school you have to learn how to fly solo and fend for yourself-at least some times.”

The high school has also offered the opportunity to expand on skills that were developed in middle school. Owen Porterfield said, “I have always liked running, and at the high school I got to run for the cross-country team this past fall, and I had never done cross-country before.”

The transition can be challenging at times. Abby Marchand said, “I think more practical help needs to be offered during the transition because most of what I was told about high school wasn’t realistic, and my expectations were way off.”

During their transition, students develop ways to deal with the challenges they face in high school. “Friends have helped me with the transition the most. I realized that some of my friendships from last year were no longer healthy, and I became closer with a lot of nice people I didn’t know before,” Abby Marchand said.”