Striped bass and spring arrive on Martha’s Vineyard

Good weather and reports of striped bass attracted fishermen to Quansoo Sunday, where they caught mostly very small fish. -Nelson Sigelman

Late Sunday afternoon, a cold front from friendly Canada booted out the rain and clouds that had hovered over the Island, seemingly since the end of winter, which was about three weeks ago.

Rumors of striped bass attracted fishermen to Quansoo Beach in West Tisbury, and many more favorite fishing spots around the Island — Norton Point Beach, Wasque, Sengekontacket Pond and Lagoon Pond — fishermen began to appear.

Late Sunday afternoon, a line of fishermen pulled in small striped bass with some regularity, most of them slightly larger than the herring returning home, hopefully to spawn. White jigs appeared to be the go-to lure.

Standing in a line of fishermen, Adam Turri hooked what appeared to be a larger fish. After about a five-minute battle, Adam negotiated the waves and current and slid a glistening striped bass out of the ocean waters and onto the sand.

A quick measurement by his friend Sam Bell confirmed that the fish, at 30 inches in length, was a “keeper.”

Fishermen are reminded that with few exceptions, a Division of Marine Fisheries saltwater license is required to fish in saltwater. Fishermen are allowed to keep one striped bass per day a minimum of 28 inches in length.