Real Estate Transaction: May 23 – 27, 2016



May 26, Deborah Hilton Morelli sold 30 Shadbush Hollow to Susan Straight for $739,000.

May 26, Leonard M. Nelson, trustee of SRB Ruby Trust, sold a lot on Gosnold’s Way to Frank V. Sica for $5,500,000.

May 27, Gertrude E. Shea sold 196 North Rd. to Raymond P. Shea and Camille Ann Shea for $25,000.


May 24, Robert W. and Henry A. Lyman sold 39 Twenty Second St. South to Michael D. Laverty and Janette M. Andrews for $2,500.

May 24, Edgartown Marine LLC, f/k/a Martha’s Vineyard Marina LLC, sold 32 Herring Creek Rd. to PM Edgartown LLC for $3,600,000.

May 26, Jay G. Woodworth, Janet E. O’Sullivan, Thomas F. Lydon, William J. Reid, Jr., Frank N. Burens, and Laura Doetkott sold their interest in Lots 74 & 75, Block T on 19th St. to Land Value LLC for $60,000.

May 27, Lawrence V. Stein sold 63 Kanomika Rd. to Richard Brian McCaslin and Kimberly Diane McCaslin for $2,500,000.

May 27, Martina Thornton, Personal Representative of the Ladislav Navratil Estate, sold 63 Eleventh St. South to Lloyd Daughtry and Janine Simon-Daughtry for $510,000.

Oak Bluffs

May 24, Gloria J. Steere a/k/a Gloria J. Sylvia, sold 56 Bay View Ave. to Aurelie Cordier and Lyle Steere for $500,000.

May 25, Bradford K. Austin, Holly Hawks, and Anne H. Austin sold 76 Pond View Drive to Leidinaura F. Rosa for $632,000.

May 26, Karen M. Tewhey sold 2B Laura’s Way to Eric and Katherine Voshell for $550,000.

May 27, Mary Elizabeth Stewart Taylor, f/k/a Mary Elizabeth Stewart, sold 1 Wamsutta Ave. to Charles T. and Leona W. Martin for $44,500.


May 24, Lagoon Pond LLC sold 80 Lagoon Pond Rd. and 100 Lagoon Pond Rd. to PM Vineyard Haven LLC for $4,600,000.

May 27, Sharon A. Jackson sold 8 West Tashmoo Ave. to Brandon Smith for $368,750.

May 27, Kristen Elaine Pellegriti, f/k/a Kristen E. Bradshaw and Kristen Elaine Hopkins, sold 204 State Rd. to Danielle Ewart for $353,250.

West Tisbury

May 23, Katherine Bechert Strauss, Carol Bechert Carroll, and Susan Bechert Hunter, the family of the late Dorothy Almond Bechert, sold their interest in Lot 12 Watcha to William H. Brine, senior, and Ann C. Brine, trustees of the Mabel Johnson Family Trust for $5,000.