The Poet's Corner: The Last Sail


As the sun shined through

She squinted her eyes

And waves came crashing

As they said their goodbyes

He boarded Blue Heaven

Up went the sails

They exited the harbor

On came the gales

Two days and three nights

The heavens did pour

Two weeks, sleepless nights

Only worry onshore

Then came the sight

Of the battered old ship

Drifting the bight (Menemsha)

Tattered and ripped

Not a soul was found

Only a note

In a bottle still sound

Her lover, he wrote

With the sun in your eyes

On the day that I left

Made me realize

At the time of my death

No matter how hard

Any storm may blow

If it takes me to heaven

I want you to know

I’ll be waiting for you

For as long as it takes

To hold you again

To fix my mistakes

We’ll walk on the shore

With the sun in our eyes

I’ll love you much more

Than nature defies

I’ll wrap you in silk

I’ll build you a ship

And together we’ll sail

Blue Heaven’s last trip

Over calm seas

As gentle winds blow

Embracing each other

Sailing, where no one else go

To our piece of heaven

With the sun in our eyes

Never parting again

Only love as our guide …

By Philip A. Zentz

As a young man, Philip A. Zentz worked summers on Martha’s Vineyard, commercial fishing out of Menemsha and building stone walls. A retired carpenter, cabinetmaker and schoolteacher, he now lives in East Bridgewater, but often visits relatives here.