West Tisbury: We'll miss you Joannie

All this lovely rain. It was perfect for a lazy Saturday on the sofa, reading and watching the rain fall outside our windows.

I ran into Joannie Jenkinson at Cronig’s earlier in the week, and asked her when her official last day will be. “This Friday,” she said. Sept. 30. I can no longer be in denial about her retirement as Animal Control Officer. We started reminiscing about our animals, the most special ones: Marigold for Joannie, Talley for me. Over the years, we have wept together more times than I can say. Roses and tears followed every loss.

And I know I am not the only person in town who feels this way about Joannie; multiply me by every other animal owner. Dogs, cats, horses, chickens, whatever came along at whatever time of day or night. Missed dinners and sleepless nights. Holding someone’s hand when they had to put a beloved pet to sleep or having to deliver the terrible news that one had been hit on the road.

There were plenty of happy stories, too. Animals safely returned to their homes. A new home found for an abandoned animal. A new pet found for someone who had recently lost one. Joannie had a knack for knowing just what someone would like the most and finding it. She loved her job and always did it well, with skill, compassion, and kindness. Fairness, too, when she had to enforce the rules.

I will wish her well. She has earned it.

Sad news of a different and more final sort. Beth Toomey told me that her husband, Bencion “Bud” Moskow, had died. Beth and Bud didn’t have a lot of years together, but they seemed right and happy for the time they shared. Beth is expecting Bud’s children and their families to come for a private gathering. My condolences to them all.

Many of us remember Nina Mentzel when she was the reference librarian in Vineyard Haven. Even before that, she was Al and Hallie’s daughter, who grew up summers in town on Old County Road. She moved to South Dakota about 20 years ago, and has held several library positions, most recently at the State Library in Pierre. Hallie called this afternoon to tell me that Nina has been chosen South Dakota Librarian of the Year. Nina learned of her award at a dinner held on the last evening of the South Dakota Library Association Annual Meeting. Congratulations, Nina.

Jane and Dan Rossi celebrated their 32nd wedding anniversary on Sept. 30 with a quiet dinner at the Square Rigger. Wishing you many more happy, healthy years together.

Joanne Scott has written a book called “The Gr8 Unraveling Guidebook: A Guide to a Better Way of Living.” For those of us lucky enough to be part of her life and health-care practice, Joanne is a healer, masseuse, practitioner of and advisor about good health. The book is a compilation of the information and advice she gives. It’s easy to read, short enough to do so in one sitting, and full of good sense. I hope she will have a program at the library soon so we can all hear her speak and take questions. It would be quite a program.

ACE MV has its complete listing of fall courses online at acemv.org. Business and computer classes begin next week.

Nelia Decker still needs materials for the Fairy and Gnome House Building project that will take place in the library’s back garden on Saturday, Oct. 8, 10:30 am to 12:30 pm. Please look around your yards and as you take walks around the island for the following: bark, rocks, shells, seed pods, feathers, twigs, small driftwood, pinecones, fur, moss, lichen, anything that strikes your fancy that might make a good, cozy dwelling for a wee creature. Bring your finds to the Children’s Room. Participants are asked to bring materials to use and to share. There will be refreshments for all of the builders. If the weather looks iffy, call the library, 508 693-3366. The rain date is the Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend.

Also on Oct. 8, the library’s Lego Club will meet from 2:30 to 4:30 pm. There will be Legos of different sizes and complexities for creative folks of all ages.

The all-day quilting retreat that meets once a month at the library will get together this Sunday, Oct. 9, from 9 am to 4 pm. Bring your sewing machine or hand-sewing project.

The library will be closed on Monday, Oct. 10, for Columbus Day.

If you want to treat yourself and friends to a special evening, Gia Winsryg-Ulmer will prepare a Moroccan couscous dinner in your own home. She has a beautiful website, feastwithyourhands.com, with pictures and menus. Call her at 508-627-2462. Gia is Marsha Winsryg’s daughter, and I was glad to finally meet her and her children at Marsha’s art reception at the library. If you haven’t seen that yet, I recommend it. Her egg tempera paintings of Italy and the Vineyard are exquisite.