Martha's Vineyard backs Clinton, Ogden, DeOliveira; votes to legalize marijuana

Ongoing updates to Island town tallies.

From top right: David Caseau of Tisbury displays his affinity for Bernie Sanders after voting for Jill Stein in the 2016 presidential election; Woody Williams campaigns outside of the Tisbury polling station; Lisa Vanderhoop displays her patriotic outfit in Aquinnah; Margaret Ditson casts a vote in Oak Bluffs. —Stacey Rupolo and Ralph Stewart

Updated 12:45 pm, Wednesday

Totals from each of the Island towns, and Gosnold, for local, state and national races.

Totals from Edgartown, West Tisbury, and Aquinnah reflect the support from earlier tallies in Oak Bluffs and Tisbury, with two exceptions: Tobias Glidden carried Edgartown in the race for state representative, and the vote to expand charter schools won by a single vote there.

And as the Vineyard went, so did Massachusetts. The Bay State was one of the first states called for Secretary Clinton, and the voters also supported Rep. Keating for Congress, Julian Cyr for state senate; Dylan Fernandes won the Cape and Islands house seat. The state also reflected Island positions on ballot questions.

On the ballot questions, Islanders voted no on question 1 (slots), no on question 2 (expanding charter schools), yes on question 3 (ending forcing farm animals into cages), and yes on legalizing marijuana (question 4).

At 9:30, with Oak Bluffs and Tisbury reporting, the Island supported Hillary Clinton for president, Rep. William Keating for Congress, Julian Cyr for state senate, Dylan Fernandes for state representative, Robert Ogden for Sheriff, and Paolo DeOliveira for Register of Deeds.

AquinnahChilmarkEdgartownOak BluffsTisburyWest TisburyIsland TotalsGosnoldDuke's County TotalsState Totals
Voter Turnout2837872809303026542192117556511820
President and Vice President100 percent reporting
Clinton and Kaine (D)231617178620801942168883443683801,964,428
Trump and Pence (R)349477973747632924492724761,082,520
Johnson and Weld (L)630998772703642366136,729
Stein and Baraka (GR)72253448349258025846,890
Representative in Congress
Mark C. Alliegro (R)211066636384733272228232251
William Keating (D)23060118082041187916248183388221
Christopher Cataldo (U)041628141476278
Paul Harrington (I)1734119116103824714475
Anna Raduc (U)251919241281081
Joseph C. Ferreira (D)
State Senator
Julian A. Cyr (D)23059916691956185616077917337950
Anthony Schiavi (R)291238237215383702604322636
State Representative
Dylan A. Fernandes (D)1273919961308119710555074235097
Jacob Ferry (I)32834464173742771629221651
Tobias Glidden (I)10525210749908866843991154006
Robert Ogden (D)16252417611726145214507075377112
Neal Maciel (U)91199858109610385973879243903
County Commissioners
(Vote for not more than 7)
John S. Alley (D)19650916231767169313767164297193
Leon Brathwaite, II (D)15442211771261121010945318295347
David Holway (D)1373901284119411789335116315147
Tristan Israel (U)17042113161378148711635935325967
Christine Todd (D)15844512661493132311225807315838
Gretchen Underwood (D)15241111691396123110115370335403
Norman Perry (R)562298918687775773398333431
Robert Zeltzer (I)1224129919519918244291304321
Register of Deeds
Paulo C. DeOliveira (D)18456820222065180615388183248207
Martina Thornton (I)641275536475994392429322461
Martha's Vineyard Commission
(Vote for not more than nine)
Clarence Barnes III17348517261740168712897100
Christina Brown1333781503121111759995399
Robert Doyle1234179258739698284135
Joshua Goldstein11031196093010958704276
Fred Hancock8625093111808626233932
Ernest Sederholm1194029158268819474090
Linda Sibley1393811024968105110084571
James Vercruysse1873527987288217863672
John Breckenridge26874698194712702142
Susan Desmarais692117529237405113206
Myron Garfinkle562355314505506162438
Allen Look912716846087818543289
Brian Smith311115788255303262401
Richard Toole6618469611667505433405
Ballot Questions100 percent reporting
Question 1: Slot parlor
Question 2: More charter schools
Question 3: Animal confinement
Question 4: Legalize marijuana