High school students garner art and writing awards


Twenty Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School students won 2017 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards this year.

Gold Key Winners

Olivia Knight, Grade 12, 8-piece Art Portfolio, “Behind the Masks”

Ava Thors, Grade 1, Painting “Fight for Intangible Reason.” Honorable mention for her photograph, “Bradford Beaver Yogi.”

Isabella Chimes, Grade 12, Personal Essay/Memoir “The Garden.” Silver Key for her essay “Grace.”

Emily Gazzaniga, Grade 9, Photograph, “Papa’s Daily Crossword.” Honorable mention for her photo, “Seahorse of Sengekontacket.”

Davin Tackabury, Grade 9, Photograph, “White Water.” Honorable mention for his photo, “Children Crossing.”

The Gold Key work will be exhibited at a gallery in Boston in March, and will go on to New York City later in the spring for the national competition.

Silver Key Winners

Elizabeth Dourian, Grade 12, Photography “Grace.”                           

Molly Baldino, Grade 9, Photography “Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall,”                   

Tianna Rambonga, Grade 9, Photography “Screaming.”                       

Higor Mota, Grade 10, Photography “T.I.M.I.D.”                               

Opal Wortmann, Grade 11, Photography “What Could Have Been.”

Honorable Mentions

Nicholas Chapman, Grade 12, 8-piece Art Portfolio “Mother Nature.”                 

Emma Baldino, Grade 12, 8-piece Art Portfolio “Relevé.”                               

Donald O’Shaughnessy, Grade 12, Ceramics.

Patrick Best, Grade 12, Digital Art “Blue Period Self-Portrait.”                       

Nolan Pavlik, Grade 10, Animation “Among the Shadows.”                                 

Thea Keene, Grade 9, Photography “Bubble Man.”                      

Lena Hanschka, Grade 12, Photography “Mom meets Dad.”                   

Kya Maloney, Grade 9, Photography “Raked.”                           

Alexis Hughes, Grade 11, Photography “Sternocleidomastoid.”                     

Savanna Aiello, Grade 12, Poetry “Adieu.”