Poem: Waking

In the white womb of winter

wrapped taut against cold

another morning dusting

quietly covering

blanket of ice

this lethal love

one step

solidly cracks

echo splitting

what’s frozen

under my feet


in the night white


snow moon hiding

one light shines

sea bound

bobbing beacon

on the horizon

swans switching ponds

to saltwater splintering

storm grey waves

days of light sameness

every reflection

no question

about meaning

life one way

or another together

we stand today

and tomorrow


waking from

this winter dream


Valerie Sonnenthal joined the Cleaveland House Poets when she moved to the Vineyard in 2006. She writes the Chilmark town column and arts and lifestyle stories for the MV Times, and publishes Errata Edition Books on Books series. She can be found cooking, swimming, listening to writers, and walking her dogs when she is not teaching MELT Method or Foot Fitness. She continues her studies in movement, how our feet behave, and any ironic poetic thing.