Littles donate dollhouse to YMCA

Debbie Balwer, center, and Bill and Debbie Little pose with a doll house that the Little's donated to the YMCA's child care center. - Stacey Rupolo

Bill and Debbie Little donated a handmade dollhouse to the YMCA child care center on Tuesday, Feb. 28. After joining the YMCA a year ago, Mr. Little noticed the popularity of the child care center and wanted to contribute a toy to their program. The Littles, who own the Summerstone Bed and Breakfast, hand-constructed the house frame and decorated the interior with items found in a thrift store. They added a plaque on the side that reads, “A gift to the children of the Y.M.C.A. Given by William and Debbie Little.” It took Mr. Little a few months to build the house, which is named Summerstone after their B and B.