Edgartown moves ahead on Yellow House purchase

Selectmen will reach out to the Hall family about the sale of the property.

The yellow house has seen better days. File Photo by Michelle Gross

Edgartown selectmen considered ways to advance the town’s purchase of the Yellow House in a Tuesday-morning executive session. A warrant article asking voters to approve the acquisition of the property at 66 Main Street, known as the Yellow House, will be put to voters at the April town meeting.

Chris Scott, former head of the Preservation Trust, Edgartown innkeeper Gary Conover, town administrator Pam Dolby, and town counsel Ron Rappaport participated in the closed session. Mr. Scott and Mr. Conover are members of a small committee, along with selectman Michael Donaroma, formed to explore how to proceed on the purchase of the property from the Hall family.

During the public session, the group decided to open the discussion about the matter to the town in two public forums, one next Wednesday, March 22, at 5:30 pm, and the other on Monday, April 3, at 4:30.

Selectman Margaret Serpa said she expects after the first public meeting, the selectmen will have “a better idea as to what the town wants to do.” She said the open sessions would give townspeople a chance to air their concerns and to ask questions.

“It would be great if we get a full room,” Ms. Dolby added.

Mr. Donaroma, along with Mr. Scott and Mr. Conover, will meet with Ben Hall Jr. before the public sessions take place, to discuss a possible deal. Mr. Hall represents his family’s interests.

“We did say we’d reach out to him,” Mr. Donaroma said.

In a later phone conversation, Mr. Donaroma said that he had already spoken to Mr. Hall, and that the conversation was “positive.” He said they set a tentative date later in the week for a meeting, which would include Ms. Dolby for administrative assistance and Mr. Rappaport for legal counsel, as well as Mr. Scott and Mr. Conover.

“It’s time we did this,” Mr. Donaroma said. “There’s been no movement for years; it’s time to go forward.”