Behold Arthur, the young knight!

Ella Oskan as Young Arthur. - Heather Capece

King Arthur comes to life this weekend as the Martha’s Vineyard Public Charter School presents “Young King Arthur and the Sword in the Stone” at the Katharine Cornell Theater.

Director and drama teacher Heather Capece guides the actors, who range from elementary school age to high school. The all-female cast manages to portray the knights as well as King Arthur himself.

“I give the school’s director, Bob Moore, three choices and then he picks which play we’ll do,” Ms. Capece said. “For this production, we’re really telling the beginning of the story, how Merlin gives Arthur to a family, and he takes lessons from Merlin; it’s really an adventure story and goes right up until he pulls the sword.”

Ms. Capece has directed the Charter School productions for more than a dozen years, which means she’s watched the actors grow up.

Ella Oskan portrays Arthur in the production, and Ms. Capece remembers when Ella was in third or fourth grade and was in a minor role in the school’s production of “Peter Pan.”

“She started by playing Nana the dog in Peter Pan; she didn’t want to talk,” Ms. Capece said. “Now she’s a seventh-grader and playing the lead. That kind of growth is amazing to watch.”

“Young King Arthur and the Sword in the Stone” performances are on Saturday, March 25, at 2 and 6 pm, and again on Sunday, March 26, for a 2 pm matinee at the Katharine Cornell Theater in Tisbury. Tickets are $20 for a family of four, or $6 per person.