Remember Passover, and check schedules


To the Editor:

I was surprised to read Megan Alley’s town column in the April 6 issue of The Martha’s Vineyard Times. It seems that she is either unaware, or unconcerned, that there are people of other faiths than Baptist and Catholic who reside in Oak Bluffs. How else to explain that she ignored the Jewish holiday of Passover, which will be celebrated at the Martha’s Vineyard Hebrew Center this week? Here’s hoping you will remind her to include the doings of other faiths in her column.

Additionally, until this morning, I did not realize that Tuesday’s town meetings were scheduled for the same night as the second Passover Seder. I guess the two events were compartmentalized in my mind, so I did not respond to this scheduling conflict. However, I am now perplexed as to why other Jews in one of the three towns on the Island with this conflict (Oak Bluffs, West Tisbury, and Edgartown) did not bring it to someone’s attention. The Martha’s Vineyard Hebrew Center provided a ritual dinner on Tuesday evening. I was, therefore, not able to attend this year’s Oak Bluffs’ town meeting.

Abraham L. Seiman

Oak Bluffs