Vineyarder exhibits his work at Woods Hole Model Boat Show

Various model boats by John Clough will be on display at the biennial Woods Hole Model Boat Show. —John Clough

John Clough will be exhibiting numerous model boats, including three radio-controlled sailboats, in the biennial Woods Hole Model Boat Show this weekend, April 22 and 23. The Vineyard Haven resident has been building model boats for decades.

This event helps Woods Hole celebrate the beginning of the boating season. The Woods Hole Model Boat Show draws exhibits from all over New England, and features a wide array of displays from extravagant yachts to military warships. There will also be boat races on the harbor, and model boat kits for kids to assemble and launch in the kids’ pool.

The show runs along Water Street in Woods Hole, with static models exhibited throughout seven buildings and two outdoor locations, and is within easy walking distance of the ferry. Modelers will spend most of their time with their models and talking to fellow modelers and the public about their work. This community, family-oriented event features interesting talks and demonstrations throughout the weekend. Also, be sure to check out the Dock Yard Sale, where people will be selling their boats, kits, and parts on consignment.
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