Listen to voters on mopeds


To the Editor:

This letter was sent to the Oak Bluffs board of selectmen and town administrator Robert Writenour.

As you deliberate on the moped controversy, I ask you to give weight to the wishes of the 85 percent of people polled Islandwide, and especially to those of us who call Oak Bluffs home. In addition, I ask for your consideration on behalf of the victims of moped accidents. I do not believe there is anyone who wishes to deliberately harm the owners of these moped businesses. But the future of said businesses is far outweighed by the irreversible harm done to so many, including those who have lost their lives.

I feel that the owners can — and rightfully should — be aided in rebuilding with a safer enterprise of their choice. That is only fair, and it’s only fair that we, as a community, act decisively to end the danger. The newly minted Oak Bluffs board of selectmen has an opportunity to turn the page on this sad chapter, and lead the fight at the state level to rid the Island of rented mopeds. There is little doubt that the Island population will stand with you overwhelmingly and gratefully.

Chip Coblyn
Oak Bluffs