Scholarship golf tourney up to par for Island students


The 27th annual Holy Ghost Scholarship Golf Tournament took place on Sunday at Mink Meadows in Vineyard Haven. The event, coupled with Friday night’s auction, raised approximately $32,000 in scholarships for Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School and Martha’s Vineyard Public Charter School seniors. From 1991 to 2016, the Holy Ghost Association has awarded $568,750 in scholarships to 520 high school seniors.

There were 130 golfers who took part on Sunday, playing in bright sunshine during the morning session and a light drizzle in the afternoon. A stiff breeze was consistent throughout the day.

The quintet of David Amaral, Peter Jeffers, Ronald Jackson Jr., Peter Gillis, and Joe Uva finished atop the leaderboard with a score of 55.8. David Murphy, Tim Anthony, Tim Amaral, Dave Lawrence, and Dana Rezendes were the runners-up, just a shade back at 56.1. Jarda Kral, Matt Brown, Caleb Nicholson, James Holenko, and J.T. Mahar took third with a 56.8, and fourth place went to John Moffet, Robert Lucas, Leslie Look, and Chris Look at 57.1.

Four golfers won prizes for tee shots closest to the pin. Sonny Brennan was 5 feet, 11 inches away from the cup on the fifth hole; Richard Stone, 8 feet, 11 inches on the ninth; Richie Packish, 3 feet, 7 inches on the 14th; and Matt Marchand, 8 feet, 1 inch away on the 16th. Steve Mussell claimed the final prize of the day for getting his second shot closest to the pin on the ninth hole.