2016-17 Engineering Challenge winners

Annika Schmidt, left, and Curtis Fisher outline their design. — Natalie Munn

Each month this school year, MVRHS students signed up to compete in an Engineering Challenge meet. At the meet, they were issued a design challenge, and they worked in teams of two to three to meet that challenge. After 45 minutes, the designs were evaluated, and the meet winners were determined. All members of winning teams accumulated points over the season, and the seven-meet season is now complete. A total of 41 students participated in the Engineering Challenge over the course of this year.

The final two Engineering Challenges were:

Think Inside the Box

Craft a box from one piece of thin cardboard only by cutting (no tape, glue). The box needs to have tabs or slots or tucks to hold it together so that no sides collapse. Then, nest that box in another box, then another. How many can you make in 45 minutes? Winning number of nesting boxes was five — it was surprisingly challenging!

Tabletop Fidget Spinners

Create a fidget spinner using a bearing and other items such as nuts, washers, wooden sticks, etc. The spinner that spins the longest wins. The winning time was one minute and 54 seconds!

The winners of the 2016-17 Engineering Challenge, based on individual accumulated scores over the season, were:

1st place: Evelyn Medeiros, Brahmin Thurber-Carbone

2nd place: Marissa D’Antonio, James Kelliher, Meghan Sawyer

3rd place: Jack Sierputoski, Garrett Zeilinger, Elizabeth Williamson

Natalie Munn, Chris Connors, Michael Lavers, Dana Munn, and Elsbeth Todd, organized and ran each of the challenges.