Rushnell and DuArt ruling challenged, along with a judge


Network of Neighbors, a charitable organization launched by former television executive SQuire Rushnell and comedian Louise DuArt, encountered a setback last Friday when Danielle-Pauline Pendergraft filed an appeal in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of Texas.

Previously, Judge Karen K. Brown handed down a judgment against Ms. Pendergraft and Scott R. Pendergraft for the sum of $43,000. According to Mr. Rushnell, Ms. Pendergraft is acting as her own attorney for the appeal.

Mr. Rushnell told The Times that he is not surprised Ms. Pendergraft filed the appeal, but added he was surprised by the nature of it. In Ms. Pendergraft’s appeal, she claims that the verdict “indicates prejudicial conduct by the Court which will have resulted in a miscarriage of justice if a new trial is not granted.” Ms. Pendergraft also asked Judge Brown to recuse herself.