Real Estate Transactions: July 10 – 14, 2017



July 13, Sharon J. Nowell sold a lot off Old South Rd. to Martha’s Vineyard Land Bank Commission for $2,480.

July 13, Richard K. Fabio sold a lot off Old South Rd. to Martha’s Vineyard Land Bank Commission for $2,480.

July 14, Amy E. Hyland sold 1071 State Rd. to Ethan Johnson Heard, trustee, 1071 State Road Realty Trust, for $350,000.



July 10, Harold I. Pratt and Thomas E. Bator, trustees of Osprey Ridge Realty Trust, sold Lot 11, 16 Squibnocket Rd. to John Frascotti and Sharon O’Connor for $2,900,000.

July 14, Barbara G. Stevens sold 443 North Rd. to Mary E. Larsen for $700,000.



July 11, Brian C. Packish, trustee of Packish Realty Trust, sold 641 Edgartown Rd. to Calheta Construction Inc. for $10,000.

July 12, Cooke Street Realty LLC sold 16 Huckleberry Hill Lane to Nicole and Christine Mercier for $200,000.

July 13, William J. Jenkins and Deborah Lee Jenkins sold 2 Wasque Ave. to Ryan A. and Kristy A. Rose for $339,000.

July 13, John C. Hartley and Roberta L. Hutchison, trustees of Main Street Dental Nominee Trust, sold 207 Upper Main St. to 207 Upper Main Street LLC for $1,300,000.



July 13, Elliott Thurston sold a lot on Blue Heron Drive to Patricia Hully for $200,000.


Oak Bluffs

July 12, Clara E. Rorick sold Lots 12 & 23 on First and Second Ave. to Kyle B. Carson for $500.

July 12, Kyle B. Carson sold Lots 12 & 23 on Second Ave. to Jeremiah P. McCarthy, trustee of Mike’s Song Nominee Trust, for $2,000.

July 13, Graeme J. FairIie, Daniel J. Seidman, trustee and Bethany L. H. Seidman, trustees of the Seidman Family Trust, sold 16 Sea Glen Rd. to Matthew C. and Amanda M. Parker for $416,000.

July 14, Peter J. Cannon and Robert L. Medico, Jr. sold 20 Buena Vista St. to Heritage Group Builders LLC for $350,000.



July 12, David B. Gordon and Kiera E. Campbell sold 54 Lake St. to Sheila Crist-Kruzner, trustee of Sheila Crist-Kruzner Trust, for $680,000.


West Tisbury

July 11, Andrew McLaughlin sold 103 Great Plains Rd. to Sophia V.E. Brush and Dhakir Warren for $291,000.

July 12, Christopher M. Keniston sold 56 Willow Tree Hollow to 56 Willough Hollow LLC for $450,000.

July 14, Huseby Mountain Farm LLC sold lots 4,5,6 & 8 off Huseby Mountain Rd. to Huseby Meadows LLC for $2,300,000.