Fresh featured work at Louisa Gould Gallery


The Louisa Gould Gallery on Main Street, Vineyard Haven, has one of the most diverse collections of art found on the Vineyard. The latest show, “Summer Spectacular,” is representative of Ms. Gould’s open-minded approach to her gallery’s collection. The show, which will open on Thursday, July 27, with an evening reception on Saturday, July 29, features four artists whose visions have taken them in very different directions.

Featured artists Marie-Louise Rouff and Sean Farrell are new to Ms. Gould’s gallery, but may be familiar to local art aficionados. Ms. Rouff of West Tisbury was formerly represented by the Shaw Cramer Gallery in Vineyard Haven, and Mr. Farrell previously showed his work at the Willoughby Gallery in Edgartown.

Ms. Rouff creates striking abstract paintings using a lot of texture. This year, Ms. Rouff has added a new palette to her work. Her latest pieces often feature fresh blues and greens, in contrast with her more traditional dark reds and golds. A number of the works in the newer colors will hang with those done in the artist’s signature shades, including a small selection of unframed pieces that are priced between $250 and $550.

The third artist featured in the show, Peggy Turner Zablotny, also creates vibrant, abstract works, but in a different vein. Ms. Zablotny uses dried flowers and other plant life as her media, arranging wonderful kaleidoscopic designs that she photographs and enlarges. This year, the artist has introduced a new line of thin horizontal works, which sometimes call to mind the paper collages of Matisse, or works by Paul Klee. Ms. Zablotny’s work reflects the beauty of nature as interpreted by an artist with a sharp sense of color and composition.

Former Vineyarder Peter Batchelder briefly ran his own gallery on-Island in the early 1990s. The artist currently resides in New Hampshire, and draws his inspiration from rural areas around New England. The Louisa Gould Gallery has represented his work for a number of years. He has a distinctive style — simplifying forms while using many layers of paint to create depth and complexity in his color fields. The artist has a fondness for plain structures — boxy houses, barns, and churches depicted without windows or any embellishment and set in peaceful, unspoiled landscapes. They feature fields, rolling hills, and stone walls, and his use of shadows creates depth. Unusual colors grab the viewer’s attention. Mr. Batchelder often works in a large format. His huge painting “Luminance” (100 x 72 inches) takes up most of one wall in the gallery. With its interesting color scheme and artfully placed geometric forms, it brings the viewer into its peaceful farm scene.

Sean Farrell paints still lifes in a hyper-realistic style. His subjects are often traditional, and harken back to the Renaissance, where painters used light and high-sheen finish to create remarkably realistic works of art. Mr. Farrell paints spectacular flower arrangements of vibrant poppies, hydrangeas, and morning glories, using color to give his work a fresh, contemporary feel. Also featured are a few of Mr. Farrell’s impressionistic landscapes that capture the Vineyard’s windswept dunes and inviting beach paths.

Two other artists are brand new to the Louisa Gould Gallery, and worth a mention. Theresa Girard creates stunning, large abstract works, using soft, summery colors. Since being introduced to the gallery earlier this summer, 10 of her paintings have already sold. Sculptor Brian Arthur molds wonderful small figurines of birds, animals, and sea creatures using a unique patina, featuring complex color and finishes.

If you haven’t visited the Louisa Gould Gallery this year, now is the time to discover new artists and explore the evolving styles of the gallery’s most popular painters.


“Summer Spectacular” at Louisa Gould Gallery runs from July 27 to August 31. Opening reception is Saturday, July 29, from 5 to 7 pm with live music. Gallery hours are 10:30 am to 6 pm through the end of August. For more information, visit