The Girls of Summer


Like a burst of confetti

They erupt into the corner store.

Tanned, long legged,

Laughing and pushing each other.

They toss their sun-bleached hair

And glance around to see

If people are watching.

Beach outfits — bikinis

Barely hidden under short

Skimpy coverups.

Sandals, high platform heels,

Gold or red or raffia

With sparkly decorations.

They find the cold soda case

And finally each picks out

Some favorite drink.

They giggle. One fixes

The strap on another’s sandal.

They shove each other

And double over into

Gales of laughter

Over some private joke.

Still giggling, they make their way

To the cashier, pay for their drinks,

And explode into the street

The same way they came in.

Barbara Peckham has lived on Martha’s Vineyard since 2001. A retired teacher, in 2011 she published a book of poetry, “A Jar of Summer.”