Photography and mixed media at A Gallery

Photographer Brigitte Cornand's work, along with mixed media works by Peigi Cole-Jolliffe are at A Gallery. - Brigitte Cornand

A Gallery presents a special focus on new work by two women artists, photography by Brigitte Cornand and mixed media works by Peigi Cole-Jolliffe. An artist reception for both takes place from 5 to 7 pm on Saturday, August 19, and the exhibit runs through Sept. 7.

French-born, Island-based artist Brigitte Cornand exhibits new photographs (diptychs) from her latest series, “Me & You.” The title comes from “Before and After,” a 1961 painting by Andy Warhol.

Ms. Cornand considers taking her daily photographs much like others might write in a diary. Her new project called “Sand Writings” happened by chance while taking a walk on Lambert’s Cove Beach sometime in 2016. She observed and photographed a delicate sandcastle on the water’s edge slowly being devoured by incoming waves. The ephemeral construction seemed poetic to her. She began writing words and messages in the sand, which the waves quickly erased. After several attempts, she focused on using popular love quotes as symbols and narratives. As the incoming tide erased part of a phrase, new stories and meanings emerged.

Peigi Cole-Jolliffe’s new contemporary textile art series, “Persisting and Resisting through the Ages,” is a political statement in response to women’s voices being silenced around the world. Each piece has meaning for a particular person or group of women in various cultures and periods in history. Her medium follows in the tradition of making samplers, which traditionally have always been regarded as “women’s art.” She uses thread to draw on organza, embellished with glass beads and found natural objects.

The series is comprised of works each featuring a hand, representative of an individual story or cultural reality. In one work, Cole-Jolliffe references certain Hindu communities where widows are required to wear only white after their husbands die — white being the color of death and a symbol of asexuality and infertility.


A Gallery is at 8 Uncas Ave. in Oak Bluffs. Visit or call 917-387-0662 for more information.