Bridge Results


At the August 14, 1:15 pm game of the Edgartown Bridge Club in Vineyard Haven, 14  tables were in play. Finishing in first place in the North-South direction were Warren Morse and Gail Farrish, followed by Molly Mattoon and Judy Cronig in second, Sandy and Michael Lindheimer in third, Carol Whitmarsh and Sari Lipkin in fourth, Steve Allen and Cathy Minkiewicz in fifth, and Bill Powell and Gail Schargel in sixth. In the East-West direction, Rachel Alpert and Deirdre Ling finished in first place, followed by Tillie Foster and Barbara Alleyne in second, Lee Sinai and Wendy Wolf  in third, Karen Sullivan and Joan Attianesa in fourth, Bob and Carol Bowman in fifth, and Duncan Walton and Richard Eubanks in sixth.

At the August 15, 7 pm game of the Martha’s Vineyard Bridge Club in Vineyard Haven, eight pairs competed. Finishing in first place overall were Rachel Alpert and Barbara McLagen, followed by Barbara Besse and Sandy Lindheimer in second, and Michael Lindheimer and Story Osborne in third.

At the August 17, 7 pm game of the Island Bridge Club in West Tisbury, nine pairs competed. Tied for first place were Barbara McLagen and Rachel Alpert, and Jim Kaplan and Brooks Robards. Fourth place went to Story Osborne and Don Nelson.