Edgartown: It always helps


I started this column on Sunday night, heading into a busy week followed by a long weekend. And when I woke this morning, I was devastated by the news from Las Vegas. Heartbreaking doesn’t seem like a strong enough word anymore. These massacres seem to be more common with each passing year. It’s too soon to turn this tragedy into any kind of political forum or lecture. This isn’t political for the victims and their families at this time. Keep those who have any connection to this tragedy in your hearts.

Attention MVRHS class of 1967!  Our 50th reunion will be on October 21 at the Wharf Pub in Edgartown. There will be a cash bar, appetizers and a well varied buffet menu with a price of $55 per person. A DJ to play your favorite songs is included in the festivities.  If interested please send a check for the appropriate amount to Dennis daRosa, PO Box 581, Oak Bluffs, MA, 02557 or contact either Debbie Magnuson at 508-693-0081 or Dennis daRosa at 508-524-2065 before October 10.

The annual all Island flu clinic will be held on Saturday October 14, 2017 in the MVRHS cafeteria from 10 am to 1  pm. There is on-site parking and you may enter through the main entrance.

Happy birthday wishes go out to Sandy Joyce, Tricia Willoughby, Kim Tharp, and Erin Simmons, who celebrated on October 2, Kathy Verner on October 5, and to my wonderful niece and former Edgartown girl, Abby Gardner on October 6.

Head Start is a national program that promotes school readiness by enhancing the social and cognitive development of children ages 3 to 5 through the provision of education, health, nutrition and social services to enrolled children and their families. The Head Start program on Martha’s Vineyard is home-based. In a regularly scheduled home visit, you and your Home Visitor will explore ways to provide experiences for your child that will build the skills needed to succeed in school.  There is no fee for this program. For more information, please contact Cindy Flanders at cflanders@mvcommunityservices.com or 508-693-7900 ext. 321.

The school banking team at the Edgartown School wanted me to remind all you Edgartown School families about the fantastic school banking program that is available to all the students. All you have to do is go in on a Thursday morning and sign up. Then every Thursday morning, your student can head into the cafeteria with some money to put away in their very own savings account. It’s a great way to save up money for those big school trips in 7th and 8th grade. If you’ve already signed up, don’t forget to send your kids in on Thursday mornings with money to deposit. And remember, kids who are steady savers are recognized at the end of the year.

My brother and his family were here for a few days from Ohio and my sister stopped down for an overnight as well. It’s always fun to catch up and get in a few laughs. We all tend to revert to our childhood roles and my brother’s role was always to make everyone laugh until their bellies hurt. We had some dinners together and spent time in Oak Bluffs. My niece, Gwen, still loves the Flying Horses, even as an adult and is a master at catching the gold ring. I think she channels my mother. We were even able to squeeze in yet another beach day on Sunday. The water is getting a bit chilly but I still snuck in a quick swim. Will it be the last of the season? Time will tell.

I wish you all a great week ahead. Be kind to one another. Be there for each other. It always helps.