Edgartown: Thank a vet


Today I took my “baby” to Logan Airport so that he could venture out to the University of Colorado, Boulder, to tour the campus and see what it’s like. The funny thing about our trip to the airport is that I thought I was going for him, to make sure he got to the right terminal and gate. But as I watched him go through security and head to his gate without me, I realized he didn’t need me with him at all. Ultimately, I was the shaky one, with a tear or two in my eye as I waved goodbye to him, realizing that it’s just one step closer to him leaving for his next chapter in life. As a mama it’s hard, but I couldn’t be more proud of that kid.

This past summer Deborah DeBettencourt, her daughter Erin, and Marit Bezahler and her daughter Lollie, went to Haiti to help widen the road in Cazel, a small village on the only road to Fond Blanc. Unfortunately, all their hard work was washed away by the river during Hurricane Irma, and the road is only passable by donkey or motorcycle. The people of the village are going to rebuild the road, but it’s going to cost approximately $90,000! So the girls are back at it again, this time in the form of a Dine to Donate at the Loft with Pizza di Napoli on Nov. 15, from 5 pm until 9 pm. You can eat your pizza there or take it home. So go out, get some outstanding food, and help an awesome cause. Or you can donate directly to the cause online by clicking here.

Very special birthday wishes go out to my daddy, “Pop” Gardner, who celebrated on Nov. 7, as well as Patty Culkins, who celebrated on Nov. 9, and Deneen Convery, on Nov. 11.

Don’t forget the Edgartown School play, “Once Upon a Mattress.” By the time this goes to print, Wednesday night’s show will be over, but there is another chance to catch it on Thursday night at 7. It’s in the school gym, and the productions are always topnotch!

Congratulations to the MVRHS football team. Although their season ended unexpectedly early for safety reasons, they did go out with a bang with a 14-0 win over the Greater New Bedford Bears. And I’d also like to offer a special shout-out to seniors John Morris, Sam Rollins, Cory Medeiros, and Jerry DaSilva, my former students and four great young men.

As Veterans Day approaches, I’d like to thank all who serve or who have served our country through the years. Your bravery and loyalty are greatly appreciated. I’ve been discussing the meaning of this holiday with several of my classes. I’m happy to report that they “get it.” They are attentive, full of questions, and engaged in the discussion and projects. When lessons are connected to real life, it’s a win-win.

Have a great week. If you get the opportunity to thank a vet, please do so.