Eleanor Neubert and Kathy Lobb inducted into Massachusetts Agricultural Fair Association Hall of Fame

Kathy Lobb, left, and Eleanor Neubert were inducted into the Mass. Agricultural Fair Association hall of fame last Saturday.

On Saturday night, Nov. 11, M.V. Ag Fair manager Eleanor Neubert and hall manager Kathy Lobb were inducted into the Massachusetts Agricultural Fair Association Hall of Fame. According to a press release, the presentation took place at the Tri-State Fair Convention in Sturbridge. Ms. Neubert and Ms. Lobb were unaware they were the winners right up until the banquet and presentation. Other members of the fair crew came out to support them.

The 2017 fair also won several other awards: first place for the premium book, first place for advertising specialties, second place for the poster, and second place for the potpourri category.

However, the largest honor was for Ms. Neubert and Ms. Lobb. Both Kathy and Eleanor will be retiring from running the M.V. Ag Fair.