Tisbury: Home for the holiday


Heard on Main Street: I was normal three cats ago.

I hope you had a lovely holiday, and are now well adjusted to writing 2018 on your checks. Funny how that always seems so odd at first.

We had a delightful and long-overdue visit from our daughter Laurel and her husband Kevin Olson. They can rarely get here from Colorado, but this trip all was just wonderful for all of us. On their trip home, Kev happily was surprised to be able to meet with his uncle, going to California. They knew they’d be in the same terminal at Logan, but were not sure the timing would work. The final blessing was all returned safely home.

We also enjoyed a visit from one of my husband’s relatives, a second cousin once removed. (I love that phrase: It simply means they are a generation apart.) Kenneth Macdonald had spent many happy days on the Island as a child. He is descended from the George Gifford family in West Tisbury, as well as many other Island families. He and his wife Jennifer enjoyed a visit to his great-grandparents’ house, as well as other special Island places.

Next Tuesday, Jan. 9, at 7 pm, the Vineyard Haven library offers “Dunkirk,” a WWII thriller about the evacuation of Allied troops from the French city of Dunkirk before the Nazi forces take over. Rated PG, and served with popcorn and cider.

I was going to stop doing some things that I don’t love to do. Then I could not decide which ones I would quit. I guess my New Year’s resolution should be to make up my mind. But it has simply been too cold to think. Besides, I have a tire issue, and Island Tire has been closed for weeks. I hope I can keep my tire pumped up until I can get it fixed.

A good New Year’s resolution is to get involved with something you’ve been thinking about. The Friends of the Vineyard Haven Library meet at 10:30 am on the first Saturday of every month at the library. They welcome new members and all volunteers, and those interested in learning more about the library. Meet new friends and support the library this Saturday, Jan. 6, at 10:30 am.

Or you could look into the new variety of cooking classes offered by ACE MV. Try “Cake Decorating” with Chef Valerie Stoyer, “Valentine’s Cooking and Dining” with Ruby Elliot, “North Indian Cooking” with Uma Datta, or even “Thai Cooking” with Som Kotchaphan Somparn. For more, see acemv.org or call 508-693-9222.

You may not know him, but I have learned that Declan is a remarkable young member of our Island community. He has a piggy bank. His money is divided into save, spend, and share. He decided that he wants to give some share money to the M.V. Chamber Music Society because they loaned him a violin. I love that kid, and I’ve never met him.

This Sunday, Jan. 7, you can enjoy “Amadeus,” broadcast live at 1 pm at the M.V. Film Center. Get there early, as it starts right on time.

Welcome home to our young granddaughter Rory. She has just returned safely from Japan, where a young friend’s family took her on an adventure of a lifetime. Even so, everyone is ready to come home after two weeks away.

Big bunches of birthday balloon wishes go out today to Romeo Bonelli. Wish the best tomorrow to Roberta Kirn. Sing happy birthday to her, Taylor Higgins, on Saturday. Sunday belongs to Judy Belushi Pisano. Birthday wishes go out on Monday with Allyson Waida and Ned Orleans. Tuesday belongs to Jerry Baric. Wednesday is a special day for David Burt.

Heard on Main Street: You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.