Cold Gift


By Annette Sandrock

friendly eyes





clean the slate

time is slowing

it’s too late

stressful step

crawling’s best


sickly maiden

eat to heal

dwindling food

morsels tasteless

not in the mood

hardly enough

productive cough

sweat from thought

drugs are bought

heavy chest

painful swallow

need to rest

wait for tomorrow

chores undone

troubled ears

texting’s tough

unbidden tears

runny nose

coated sore throat

labored breathing

phlegm-filled bloat

peace is bed

am I dead?

no I just caught

what can’t be bought

a dreary cold

one not to hold

or is it flu

I give to you?

Annette Sandrock of Vineyard Haven is a former high school English teacher who facilitated poetry events and poetry writing for students. She is a freelance writer, and is currently a member of Cleaveland House Poets, Martha’s Vineyard Poetry Society, and Martha’s Vineyard Poets Collective.