Expedited loans for storm-damaged heating systems

If you suffered damage to your heating system in the Jan. 4 storm, Cape Light Compact is offering interest-free loans. —Gabrielle Mannino

The Cape Light Compact announced last week that it will waive prerequisite home energy assessments to expedite zero percent loans for residential customers who suffered any sort of damage to their heating systems from the winter storm of Jan. 4. The loans can be up to $25,000. Clear photographs and other supporting documentation will be required as proof of the damage. The compact board approved the expedited loans Wednesday, according to Cape Light Compact senior energy efficiency program and marketing analyst Lindsay Henderson. The program runs until the last day of January, and customers must call by or before then to qualify, she said.

Commercial customers can receive parts and equipment rebates in lieu of loans, under the same special storm program, senior analyst Greg Abbe said.

The number for customers to call is 800-797-6699.