January “Do You Know” answers


The answers for each of the “Do You Know?” trivia questions for January, 2018, issues of The Minute.

The winner was Eleanor Amaral, drawn from among the hundreds of correct guesses. She correctly guessed that the man pictured on Jan. 16 was Nelson Amaral.

She wrote to us, “Your article appeared on Jan. 16, [which was] the sixth anniversary of Nelson’s passing, so seeing that picture really had meaning.” (Honestly, we did not know this when we chose that photo for that day.) Eleanor lives in Oak Bluffs, and has been on the Island 75 years.  She says that she enjoys the off-season because there are fewer people and less traffic. And the reason she so quickly recognized Nelson Amaral? “Probably a surprise to you,” she wrote; “I was Mrs. Nelson Amaral for 50 years. Thanks again.”

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