Post-storm work continues in Lambert’s Cove neighborhoods



Eversource electrical workers continue to troubleshoot power lines along Lambert’s Cove Road and the many side roads that lead from it.

In the wake of Tuesday’s nor’easter, 394 West Tisbury residents are still without power as of early Thursday afternoon, according to Eversource’s online map.

At the corner of Black Brook Crossing and Duck Pond Road Thursday morning, a three-truck crew examined poles and lines for damage.

Eversource contractor Alan, a Maine resident who did not provide his last name, and a proud member of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, told The Times crews like his have been on the job for 14 days straight. He expects Eversource will have power returned to the area shortly.

Nearby on Duck Pond Road, Mark Clements, owner of MC Clements Tree Service, oversaw a crew taking down a storm-damaged tree in the middle of flooded roadway. The crew was just about done with the task when The Times arrived at the scene.

“Put that chainsaw ashore,” Clements said to a worker.

The crew climbed up an embankment and out of the water, and one of them backed out the tree truck. Clements then directed a driver for JL Maintenance to clear the flooded road of brush and timber with a plow-mounted pickup. The driver subsequently plowed his way in and opened up the road.