Airport Fitness and Tennis is 2018 Island Cup champ

From left, Tammy King, Iain Macleod, Darren Belisle, Beth Sawyer, Paul Ulyatt and Shawn Schofield. Missing from the team photo are Mike Marchand and Skip Dostal. — Courtesy Connie McHugh

Airport Fitness and Tennis won the second annual Island Cup on Sunday in a five-match competition that pits members of the high school tennis team against adult club members. The score of this closely contested competition was 3-2 in favor of the Fitness Center.

“The tournament is held the weekend before the high school tennis tryouts begin,” said Airport Fitness owner and tennis director Connie McHugh. “It’s a way of giving the athletes a sendoff to a new season.”

The tournament format calls for five doubles matches. Tied at two matches apiece, the competition would be decided by a one-set final match. When Iain Macleod and Darren Belisle edged students Kelly Klaren and Hannah Rabasca 6-4, the adults had their second title in as many tries.

For the students, Kat Roberts and Lizzie Williamson joined Klaren and Rabasca in giving the adults all they could handle.

“We offer our best wishes to the high school tennis teams this year,” said McHugh.

If the third time’s a charm, the adults could be in trouble next year.