Maciel cousins remove stumps in Vineyard Haven

A public/private crew of Maciel cousins works to exhume tree stumps at a town lot by Stop & Shop in Vineyard Haven.

Cleanup from the first of the four March nor’easters continues in Vineyard Haven. Maciel and Sons owner Troy Maciel and his son Trevor teamed up with Tisbury Department of Public Works staffers Ken Maciel and Amy Maciel (all cousins) to dig out the stumps of trees that toppled along a town parking lot during the nor’easter of March 2. The lot is located next to Stop & Shop.

Ken Maciel told The Times that Tisbury doesn’t own digging apparatus larger than a backhoe, and that wasn’t going to get the job done. Troy Maciel, contracting for the town, brought an excavator. The job became tricky when the stump brought up telecommunication wires that were tangled with its roots, Troy Maciel said. The Maciels disentangled the wires and reburied them. A utility inspection is being done, Ken Maciel said. Operating a town Bobcat, Amy Maciel backfilled the stump holes and leveled the ground around them.

Because of the profusion of wires in that area, Ken Maciel said, he doubts Tisbury will plant new trees.