Martha’s Vineyard bow door fixed; Katama still down

The ferry Martha's Vineyard has been plagued with problems since returning from an upgrade this winter.

Updated May 5 @ 7:30 am

The MV Martha’s Vineyard returned to service Wednesday with its bow door fixed. Steamship Authority general manager Robert Davis said the door was “binding against the frame.”

As The Times reported on April 20, a piece of metal dropped from the door during loading. This spurred a notice to the U.S. Coast Guard, and a 14-foot safety net over the door prior to the vessel’s departure for repairs.

Coast Guard assistant inspection chief Carl Moberg said the door was trimmed down as a result. Davis said some door rollers with “questionable welds” were also replaced. Additionally, sewer trap and venting issues were rectified, along with a long punch list of other items. Moberg said the door and other elements of the vessel recently passed Coast Guard inspection.

The MV Katama was still in a slip in Woods Hole undergoing repairs as of Friday afternoon. It went down Tuesday with generator issues. Davis said maintenance personnel initially replaced a regulator, but the issue didn’t resolve. The focus has returned to the generator, he said. Moberg said inspectors from Providence and Cape Cod are monitoring the generator work. Friday evening Davis said a new generator will be installed Saturday. Then, instead of going for a scheduled overhaul in Connecticut, the MV Katama will reposition to Hyannis and replace the MV Gay Head on Nantucket runs Tuesday morning. Davis said the MV Gay Head is having trouble with its keel cooler, a type of marine engine cooling system. The MV Gay Head will travel to Senesco in North Kingston, R.I. for repair work on the keel cooler, he said.

The MV Nantucket recently sailed to Fairhaven from Senesco, he said, where the SSA is further tinkering with it. Moberg said inspectors will make one of several visits to the vessel on Monday to begin its annual inspection. Davis said he expects the vessel to return for Nantucket runs on May 23.

The annual inspection of the venerable MV Governor began Thursday in Fairhaven, Moberg said. The vessel suffered a generator fire at the Vineyard Haven terminal last June.

“It has three brand-new generators on board,” Moberg said.

Updated with new information about the Gay Head and Katama.