Just when you thought Nantucket was safe

Commonwealth’s other big island not immune to ferry mechanical problems.

During a crossing on Sunday, a Steamship Authority ferry suspended alcohol sales.

Vineyard ferry runs have seen the lion’s share of breakdowns recently, but service to Nantucket is beginning to see its share. Over Memorial Day weekend, a hydraulic steering line broke on the MV Vineyard Lady and took it out of service, according to Hy-Line vice president Murray Scudder. This was a separate incident from the cancellation of the same boat for weather issues, he said. The Vineyard Lady also went out of service on May 8 with generator issues connected to a fuel pump. On Wednesday, the MV Grey Lady went down due to generator issues. The vessel is at the Fairhaven Shipyard, Murray said. He estimated it will return on Tuesday. The Vineyard Lady is taking up slack for the Grey Lady on Nantucket runs, and operating on a modified schedule for Vineyard runs as a result. Call the Hy-Line office at 800-492-8082 to check the schedule.

Meanwhile, the MV Nantucket lost power to one of its main engines on the evening of Tuesday, May 22. It was rounding Brant Point toward Nantucket. It cruised to port on one engine, according to a Steamship Authority travel alert.

“The vessel had recently returned from its scheduled dry dock and repairs, and earlier in the day had been cleared by the USCG,” the alert stated. “Prior to the inspection by the Coast Guard, the vessel had been taken out by the Steamship Authority crew over the weekend for sea trials. Since it was the first day back on the run, both an SSA Senior Chief Engineer and Chief Engineer were onboard. They diagnosed the issue as a clogged fuel strainer.”

In an email to The Time, Steamship Authority general manager Robert Davis wrote, “Following inspections and a sea trial, the USCG cleared the vessel to return to service Wednesday morning.”

Nantucket harbormaster Sheila Lucey was not called to address any of the Hy-Line incidents or the Nantucket incident. She said she does not recall ever responding to a Steamship Authority incident.