‘Threat’ at Oak Bluffs School not credible

Police and school officials investigated what turned out to be a rumored threat at Oak Bluffs School Monday. — MV Times file photo

The half-day of classes across Island schools Monday did not stem from a threat made against the Oak Bluffs School, police and school officials said Monday.

In an email circulated Monday, Superintendent of Schools Matthew D’Andrea wrote that the notion of a threat triggering a half-day for Island schools was born from a conversation a high school student had with “a school-aged individual.” The student later told the school resource officer, Jillian Sedlier, about the conversation, and an investigation ensued.

“It did not turn out to be a credible threat,” Oak Bluffs Police Sgt. Daniel Cassidy told The Times. Cassidy said the half-day was long planned, and the threat nothing more than rumor.

“I think it’s just a case of misinformation being passed from one child to another,” D’Andrea told The Times. “We don’t take anything being said like that lightly,” he added.

Cassidy said he met with with D’Andrea, assistant superintendent Richie Smith, and Oak Bluffs School Principal Megan Farrell at the Oak Bluffs School on Monday to confer with students.

“This day and age, you’ve got to err on the side of caution,” Cassidy said.

“We’re going to increase police presence at the schools, just as a precaution,” D’Andrea said.