June 7, Amy L. Domini, Personal Representative of the estate of Gertrude Woodard Taylor (a.k.a. Gertrude W. Taylor), sold 21 Eliot Avenue to Livingston Taylor for $2,300,000.

June 8, Alfred T. and Deatrice W. Mays, trustees of the Alfred T. Mays Revocable Living Trust, and Alfred T. and Deatrice W. Mays, trustees of the Deatrice W. Mays Revocable Living Trust, sold 15 Valley Lane to Caroline R. Flanders, trustee of the Lunas Beach House Trust, for $2,495,000.



June 4, Readycap Lending LLC sold 23 Cormorant Circle to Jason M. and Claudia A. Hartley for $890,000.

June 4, Maria Williams and Kathleen A. Spiro, a.k.a. Kathleen Williams Spiro, Personal Representatives of the estate of Alice T. Williams (a.k.a. Alice Therese Williams), sold 162 Katama Road to Nancy Ober, trustee of 162 Katama Road Realty Trust, for $1,050,000.

June 5, Fielding Moore sold Condominium Units 1 & 2 of the Fielding Moore Condominium with an address of 23 Pocha Pond, Field Road, to MRK Properties LLC for $1,080,000.

June 8, John R. and Linda A. Rosentreter sold 53 Jernegan Ave. to Ana Dos Santos for $700,000.


Oak Bluffs

June 4, Richard D. Debettencourt sold 14 Lagoon Road to Rafat and Shirley Jabri for $380,000.

June 4, Judith A. Cunniffe sold 23 Green Ave. to Corrine M. Foster for $1,315,000.

June 6, Susan M. Garrett sold 99 Munroe Ave. to Judith A. Cunniffe for $500,000.

June 8, John and Lisa Reagan sold 90 California Ave. to Robert J. Moore and Shawn C. Thompson for $810,000.


West Tisbury

June 7, Pamela and Jason Martisauskas sold 50 Indian Hill Road to Alison and Joseph Thompson, trustees of 50 Indian Hill Road Trust, for $550,000.