West Tisbury election ends elected tax collector position

Retired West Tisbury town clerk Heidi Schultz marked off voters Thursday during the town's special election. - Rich Saltzberg

West Tisbury voters approved a sole ballot question last Thursday, changing the elected position of tax collector to an appointed tax collector/treasurer position. Out of 136 votes cast, 123 voted yes and 13 voted no, town clerk Tara Whiting reported. The turnout constituted roughly 5 percent of the town’s 2,523 registered voters, Whiting noted — the lowest count she could recall at an election.

At town meeting in April, voters approved combining the position of tax collector and treasurer, and gave retiring tax collector Brent Taylor, who served for 41 years, a standing ovation. The ballot vote completes the elimination of her position, and etches Taylor into history as the last tax collector of West Tisbury. Town treasurer Kathy Logue is anticipated to receive the appointment for the new tax collector/treasurer position.