M.V. Museum is ready for summer


The Martha’s Vineyard Museum held its annual season-opening event on Friday at its Edgartown campus. Under blue skies, museum staff, board members, and even passersby were welcomed to the lawn, where student artwork and plans for the future of the campus were on display.

The pavilion that once held the Fresnel lens, which was recently dismantled and restored piece by piece in preparation for the move to its new home at the old Marine Hospital, instead housed artwork illustrating the “tragic effects of fishing lines and marine debris” on the North Atlantic right whale, according to the informational poster on the door. The drawings, many of which had illustrations of whales and sayings like “Save the whales!” and “Boats! Turn away if you see a whale!” were made by students at the West Tisbury School, Kinder Co-op, and homeschooled students. A fishing net filled with litter, put together by the museum’s education director, Ann DuCharme, lining the wall of the pavilion was a tactile representation of the negative human effects on marine life.

The artwork didn’t stop there, though. Thirty-four Sense of Wonder students created paper lantern creations that were scattered throughout the lawn and decorated the event tent, bringing the annual event to life.