Edgartown: Annual Garden Tour


I’ve said it before, I think but I’ll say it again. College sure has changed since I went. So much is handled electronically, which is great. But really, they don’t want to deal with us parents. They want to deal with the kids directly, particularly the NROTC program, which Riley starts on August 10. I get it. It’s part of the whole teaching responsibility thing, but we the parents are booking the flights and paying the money and juggling the other life schedules. It’s important to be in the loop. I’m dizzy just trying to organize the trips out to get him settled. Maybe it’s because I’m still in denial that it’s happening.

Thank you to Herb Ward for always sending in news from the Edgartown Federated Church. On Tuesday, July 3, at 12 pm, the fifth annual reading of the Frederick Douglass 1852 speech will take place at the Federated Church Meetinghouse in Edgartown. This program is co-hosted by the Friends of the Edgartown Library and Federated Church. Mr. Douglass presented his speech “The Meaning of the Fourth of July for the Negro” on July 5, 1852, to the Rochester Anti-Slavery and Sewing Society. These words still resonate today, 166 years after the speech was originally given. Following the reading, the African American Heritage Trail of Martha’s Vineyard will unveil a special plaque, listing the Federated Church as Site 29 on the Historic Trail, honoring Frederick Douglass. Light refreshments to follow. This event is free, and all are welcome. For more information, call 508-627-4421 or email admin@federatedchurchmv.org.

In other Federated Church news, from July 1 to Sept. 2, the Rev. David G. Berube will hold a special early summer service, from 8 am until 8:30. And from July 1 to Sept. 2, the church will hold its regular summer service, from 9:30 am until 10:30 am. Music at that service will be provided by the Federated Church Choir, under the direction of Peter R. Boak, minister of music. All are welcome.

Happy birthday wishes go out to my big brother, Gardner, as we call him, who celebrated on June 25. Other birthday wishes go out to my friends Jack O’Callahan, also on June 25, and Amy Baldino on June 28.

The Edgartown School eighth grade will be selling trinkets, cold drinks, popcorn, and sausages, etc., in town on the Fourth of July to raise money for their trip to Washington, D.C., next year. Grills will be cooking at the Mini Park in town, and we will also have a table at Cannonball Park and kids roaming around with supplies. Buy some stuff. Get in the spirit. Support a great cause.

The annual Garden Tour will be on July 11 on the south side of town. This is another great fundraiser for the eighth grade, and is a great opportunity to visit some of the beautiful yards and gardens in town. You can find an eighth grader you know for tickets, email edgartown2019@mvyps.org, call the school at 508-627-3316, or visit ticketsmv.com for tickets.

FLY Yoga School today announced the next series of FLY Yoga Certified Teacher Training Immersions scheduled for 2018–19 at a private retreat property in West Tisbury. FLY Yoga School, led by founder and lead teacher Sherry Sidoti, is offering a 200-hour Yoga Certified Teaching Training series Oct. 5-14, 2018 and April 5-14, 2019, and a new 300/500-hour Advanced Yoga Studies Program series Jan. 4-13 and May 10-19, 2019. Both the 200 and 300/500 hour programs take place at a private retreat property in West Tisbury, minutes from Cedar Tree Neck Beach on the north shore. Residency at the retreat for both Teacher Training Immersions is offered, but not mandatory. The programs include special guest teachers in the health and wellness field from around the Island. For more information, email yyt@sherrysidoti.com or visit the website at sherrysidoti.com/yogateachertraining.

My kids want to change the world, and they have their very own distinct ways in which they want to do it. Riley is, of course, military- and police-based in his thinking, and seeks to serve his country. Amelia is a hippie like her mama, and is the activist and humanitarian. With that in mind, Amelia and I are trying to find a way to help out down at the border when we bring Riley to school. We’ve contacted a few places, but really, they want lawyers and people who speak Spanish fluently at this point. We’re going to keep looking for opportunities. If anyone has any leads, please feel free to email me here. We’re trying to be the change we want to see in the world.

Have a great week. Enjoy the Fourth of July. Stay safe.