Capitol hill-arity with the Capitol Steps

From the podium to the stage.

Capitol Steps is a political satire troupe founded in 1981 by former Capitol Hill staffers. They come to the Island for July 16 performance. —Courtesy Capitol Steps

The Capitol Steps return to the Vineyard on Monday, July 16, for a performance filled with political satire, musical numbers, dark suits, and bad hairpieces.

At 8 pm in the Performing Arts Center, the comedy group will perform content from their latest album, “Make America Grin Again,” a routine that takes some of the most contentious headlines from today’s political media sphere and turns them into punchlines.

In today’s choppy political waters, Capitol Steps provides some much-needed comedic relief to the people of America. The comedy group was formed over 30 years ago when co-founders Elaina Newport, Bill Strauss, and Jim Aidala wanted to break out from their positions on Capitol Hill and show the world that there are still so many reasons to giggle.

Newport said during an interview with the Times that there is never a lack of content for their shows, and even the most grim headlines can be used as comedic fodder.

“So much has happened since we performed last,” Newport said. She said there will be new content that deals with the unstable nature of today’s politics, as well as some tried and true favorites, such as Vladimir Putin dancing with his shirt off.

The performance will consist of 30 songs that are sure to lighten the mood. With Bernie Sanders singing show tunes and President Trump as frontman for a rock show, the Capitol Steps prove that sometimes a quick chuckle can make all the difference.

“Comedy allows people to stop, take a break, and laugh,” said Newport. “The best comment we could get after a show is ‘I didn’t think I could laugh, but I did.’”

Newport said the reason people need comedy is the same reason she left her job as legislative assistant to Senator Charles Percy. “You can burn out on politics pretty quickly,” said Newport. She explained that comedy is a way to bring people together despite their political differences. Whether Democrat or Republican, Capitol Steps gives the American people something to laugh about. “Their side is ridiculous, our side is ridiculous, so maybe we can meet somewhere in the middle,” Newport said.