Kids crabbing once more at Crab Corner

Children scout for crabs at Crab Corner in Menemsha.

The popular pocket of water between the Menemsha Jetty and Chilmark’s transient dock is once again full of wading children, a year after electrical scares saw it fenced off. Stray voltage in the harbor caused shocks to several people in and around Crab Corner, forcing the selectmen to seal it off until the problem could be diagnosed. Chilmark’s inspector of wires, Cole Powers, discovered incorrectly grounded wiring, and oversaw a major repair to remedy the problem. Subsequent voltage testing last year and this year showed no stray current in the harbor.

“Crab Corner has been open since last fall,” Chilmark selectmen chairman Jim Malkin, the board’s harbor liaison, said.

However, he pointed out “federally required signs” for marinas are posted, warning of the potential for electric shock.