The man with the ‘Jaws’ tattoo

John Hobby sported his Jaws tattoo at Meet The Fleet. — Rich Saltzberg

How can you tell John Hobby is a “Jaws” fan? Just look at his arm. There you’ll see the most famous maw in cinema. Hobby describes “Jaws” as simply “the greatest movie in the world.” The longtime Islander now lives in Franklin, but he comes to Menemsha about every weekend in the summer, he said. For his 50th birthday four years ago, he got the blockbuster white shark tattooed on his upper arm in Nashville, Tenn. Accompanying the shark is symbolism dear to him. The letters RMM stand for his three children Ryan, Matt, and Maggie. The Vineyard is, of course, the Vineyard. Across the Vineyard are the coordinates for Menemsha; however, a scar now obscures some of the numbers, he said. Under the Island is a softball representing the sport he coached his daughter in from ages 6 to 17.

“If you’re going to get a tattoo, you’ve got to get one that you’re all about,” he said.