SSA pilings come up short in Woods Hole

Steel pipe pilings (51) similar to these at the Woods Hole reconstructions site require additional length in order to pass muster with a geotechnical engineer. The work will cost $135,918.88 — Rich Saltzberg

Steel support piling for the Woods Hole reconstruction project (“waterside” portion) are too short, according to an engineer. Steamship Authority general manager Robert Davis told the board Tuesday at a meeting on Nantucket that a $135,919 change order is necessary to extend the pilings.

“This change order is required because the geotechnical engineer is requiring additional pipe pile lengths for 16-inch and 18-inch pipe piles,” Davis said, “so they can meet the design load. The pile lengths were based on soil boring data, but once the dynamic testing data became available, the engineer determined a longer pipe pile would be required.”

General contractor Jay Cashman, a marine contractor that specializes in marine and civil infrastructure construction, will lengthen the pilings.

“The contractor has to cut the bottom off the pipe pile that they had already ordered, splice in this additional length, and then weld the lid cap back on the pipe pile,” Davis noted. “They’re going to be doing it in their yard, not onsite.”

Jay Cashman’s headquarters is in Quincy.